Pruvit Keto Supplement Review 2020

Pruvit is a ketogenic supplement to aid in maintaining ketosis, a metabolic state wherein the body burns fat for fuel. But first, let’s learn more about obesity and how it negatively impacts health.

Weight loss is one of the hardest things to achieve today, specifically due to the fast-paced life people are living. Often, people tend to become inactive and eat fast food because of convenience. However, the predicament it brings is being overweight and obese.

Hence, losing weight has been a trending topic on the internet. It’s because more people are becoming health conscious. It’s hard to lose weight since most diets are very difficult to maintain. However, a new diet has been proven to be effective – the Ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic supplements are consumed to help the body move into ketosis, a stage where the body burns fat for fuel since there is a scarce amount of carbohydrates in the body. Ketogenic supplements became very popular due to the number of people practicing a ketogenic diet now.

One of the most popular exogenous ketone supplements in the market today is Pruvit Keto OS, and here’s a detailed review of the product. Is it worth your buy? Read on to learn more about the product.

About Pruvit Keto OS supplements

Keto OS (operating system) is the flagship product of Pruvit Ventures, the worldwide leader in keto technology. The company aims to provide consumers with the best products that involve the concepts of the science of bio-hacking and ketones.

The company promises the customers that the product, Keto OS, is something worth buying. It will help you look great and get rid of those pesky fats in unwanted areas in the body. Plus, the company is firm in reiterating that they only use high-quality and natural ingredients to help you go into ketosis, a stage where the body burns fats for energy fuel.

One of the most popular ketone supplements is the Pruvit Keto OS supplements. The ketone supplement is Pruvit’s flagship product, which is an exogenous ketone supplement containing a patent-pending beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salt that supposedly aids in maintaining ketosis and it helps in weight loss.

When you restrict your carb intake, the body will naturally make ketones when the body is in ketosis, a carb-restricted fasting state. Exogenous ketones work by tricking the body that it’s in ketosis, helping you achieve ketosis faster. The company claims you can attain ketosis in just 30 to 40 minutes.

Though some exogenous ketone supplements come in pills form, this one comes in a powder form that you can carry anywhere. You can just add water or you can mix it with your smoothie or shake.

Ketone salts are available commercially and they’re found in most ketone supplements, including Keto OS. On the other hand, ketone esters are mainly utilized in research and they’re not presently available for commercial use. They contain pure beta-hydroxybutyrate without additives. Apart from containing BHB, Pruvit Keto OS supplement contains medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powder, malic acid, ascorbic acid, the zero-calorie sweetener Stevia, and caffeine.

How do the Pruvit Keto OS supplements work?

The Pruvit Keto OS help consumers get into ketosis within just 30 to 60 minutes of consuming them, compared to pure diet wherein you achieve ketosis after a few weeks of restricting carbohydrates. This may be attractive to people who don’t think they can last the symptoms of getting into ketosis, which can take weeks.

The regular ketogenic diet entails eating just 5 percent carbohydrates, 80 percent fat, and 15 percent protein. It can be a daunting diet in the long run, but exogenous ketone supplements give people a shorter and quicker way to reach ketosis and enjoy the benefits it brings.

After you ingest this supplement, BHB is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and converted into an energy source for the body. Hence, you won’t feel the symptoms of transitioning into a ketogenic diet, which includes weakness, brain fog, and keto flu.

Many experts say that supplementing with exogenous ketones can help you reach ketosis and it delivers the same benefits as attaining ketosis through strict diet or fasting. The health benefits include weight loss, mental clarity, and increased energy, to name a few.

Pruvit Keto OS supplement Pros and Cons


  • Boost ketones level
  • Improve endurance and athletic performance
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Mental performance is enhanced.
  • Fights off keto flu


  • A little pricey
  • Potential side effects
  • Taste

Pruvit Keto OS Pros

The Pruvit supplement has been designed to help a person who wants to lose weight and curb many chronic diseases, among others. The main benefits of this supplement are that it’s an easy and quick way to get into ketosis, reduction of appetite, weight loss, improved focus and cognition, minimal or no effects of the keto flu, and improved energy and athletic performance.

  • Boost ketones level

The Pruvit Keto supplement boosts ketone levels. If you want to maintain ketosis or fasten the process of getting there, this supplement can help you. Also, for those who eat low-carb diets but can’t seem to control themselves when faced with pastries, pizza, or the like, you can eat these if you have ketone supplements. But, remember that it should not be always the case. Though it helps you stay in ketosis, the diet is still important.

  • Improve endurance and athletic performance

Aside from that, the supplement also helps improve endurance and boost athletic performance during workouts. Weight loss with ketosis may seem like a hard thing to do since you don’t consume sugar and carbohydrates at all.

But, it’s important to remember that after the keto flu, you’ll feel more energetic and you won’t feel tired immediately. In fact, some athletes use ketone supplements to help with endurance, helping them perform better than those who eat carbs and drinks sugary drinks.

Due to the body’s increased need for blood sugar during exercise and workouts, the glucose-sparing qualities of exogenous ketones may help athletes in many ways. Aside from giving energy to athletes, exogenous ketone supplements help them recover faster from intense training through replenishing the muscles with glycogen.

Exogenous ketones may also help you recover more quickly after intense workouts by promoting the replenishment of muscle glycogen.

  • Aids in weight loss

But, the most exciting benefit of taking the product is it aids in weight loss. In fact, many users have attested that in just a week, they felt changes in their weight measurements. Aside from that, they also felt better.

When you consume little carbohydrates or nothing at all is very effective in burning the stubborn fats in the body. Anything that helps you get into ketosis helps you burn fat faster, and hence, you can attain weight loss efficiently.

Aside from that, ketosis also decreases cravings and appetite, making you consume lesser calories, but adequate enough to get you going.

  • Improves mental clarity

Lastly, the supplement helps you focus more and think more clearly. Keto helps people improve brain health, by improving cognitive function, concentration, focus, and brainpower. A ketogenic diet is known to improve brain health, particularly memory, cognitive function, and focus. Aside from that, it improves behavior in people with neurological disorders. Also, it has been studied to benefit people with dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease.

Pruvit has been proven to increase your focus, concentration, and  gives you mental clarity. Better energy production from ketones means more energy source for the body, hence, boosting brain function.

  • Help you fight keto flu

One of the best ways to fight keto flu is through the intake of exogenous ketone supplements. Keto flu happens when the body adapts to a new way of eating and is characterized by fatigue, weakness, and brain fog. Since the body has been used all its life to get energy from carbohydrates, restricting can lead to many symptoms. Aside from those symptoms mentioned above, you can also feel digestive issues, and dizziness. Taking ketone supplements and a mix of mineral salts can help battle keto flu.

Pruvit Keto OS Cons

The Keto OS ketone supplement is sold at online retail stores, including Pruvit’s official website. The price of the product is a little expensive compared to others in the market. The Keto OS is available for $160 per 30 servings.

Also, taking the supplement trigger certain side effects. Though they are mild, they may cause discomfort. These include stomach upset, bad breath, and unpleasant, metallic taste.

The Pruvit Keto OS has a metallic taste, which is common among products with exogenous ketones. Despite using sweeteners, the taste is something you need to get used to since the sweeteners weren’t able to completely mask the taste.

But, it’s not that bad, all you need to do if you can’t drink it alone, you can mix it with smoothies and shakes. There are various flavors like Maui Punch, Orange Dream, Chocolate Swirl, Swiss Cacao, and Raspberry Lemonade.

Pruvit Keto OS Ingredients

Pruvit contains potent and vital ingredients that work together to formulate a supplement that’s safe and effective.

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) – Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which the body normally makes on its own, is the key ingredient for the supplement to work. If you’re planning to go into a ketogenic diet, it’s not an overnight process. You need weeks to get a hang of the new diet regimen and the body then adjusts.
  • R-Beta Hydroxubutyrate – R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate aids in the control of ketone levels in the blood. It also promotes enhanced performance, increased energy, and good appetite control.
  • L- Taurine – L-taurine is a type of amino acid that plays a pivotal role in the production of proteins, which are crucial for muscle growth and build-up.
  • C-Med 100 – C-Med 100 is found in the inner bark of Uncaria Tomentosa, and it’s the trade name of AC-11 DNA repair. This keto ingredient helps promote rapid repair and recovery of the body, promote cell debris removal, maintains healthy cell function, and helps in maintaining the DNA telomere length.
  • Fermented L-Leucine – The body can’t produce L-Leucine on its own. Hence, to get this nutrient, you need to know that: -Leucine can be consumed either from food or supplements.

Other ingredients:

  • Erythritol
  • Rebaudioside A (Stevia extract)
  • Natural flavor
  • Citric acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Xantham gum
  • Beta carotene
  • Stevia
  • Caffeine

Pruvit Keto OS Side Effects

Usually, when there are increased ketones in the blood, the following symptoms may manifest:

  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Palpitation
  • Bad Breath

With many benefits may come potential risk factors or side effects, too. Don’t worry these are just minor discomforts and nothing can cause harm to the body. Ketone supplements like Pruvit Keto OS help the body in many ways, but there are still discomforts you can experience. For instance, one of the side effects of ketone supplements is digestive issues, which include diarrhea, gas pains, abdominal pain, and stomach upset.

Aside from that, you may also experience bad breath when you do a ketogenic diet. The increased levels of ketones in the blood may cause bad breath and also when taking supplements, this can also happen. But the odor isn’t that bad, many ketogenic dieters describe the breath as fruity.

You may also experience hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Ketone supplements may markedly reduce blood sugar levels, making it vital for those with type 2 diabetes. However, those with diabetes need to consult with their doctor first before taking any ketone supplements.

You may also experience having bad breath or what they call the keto breath. This is a common side effect of not only exogenous ketones but also even when you’re on a ketogenic diet. However, the smell isn’t that bad. In fact, many users and dieters describe it as fruity in odor. Make sure you drink lots of water to reduce the effects of halitosis or bad breath.

Lastly, the long-term effects of taking ketone supplements with a non-ketogenic diet are still unknown. It’s better to match it with a ketogenic diet, or you need to consult with your physician first, so you are assured that it’s safe for you.

Pruvit Keto OS is safe in healthy people but only when consumed for a short duration. Further research and studies should be conducted in this field, to make sure ketone supplements can be taken for the long-term.

Pruvit Keto OS Warning and Precaution

For those with the following conditions, you should not take the supplement unless you receive a go signal from your physician:

  • Kidney problems
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Liver problems
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

Pruvit Keto OS Pricing, Packages, and Where to Buy

Pruvit Keto OS is available from the company’s official website. The powder is placed in packets, and each packet contains 20 servings. If you go to their website, the product costs $130 for each packet, but it also comes with free shipping.

In terms of the company’s refund and money-back guarantee policy, it offers one-month or 30-day leeway and about 90 days to provide a full refund if you think the product isn’t effective or it has not satisfied you. However, this time, the company won’t refund the shipping and handling fees when you send the package back to them.

How to Use Pruvit Keto OS

The manufacturer specifically recommends that two servings of Pruvit Keto OS daily for best results. Dissolve each scoop or serving or one scoop of the powder in 12 to 16 oz of cold water and stir thoroughly. It can be taken without food. Consume 1 serving in the morning, preferably before 9 a.m. and another in the afternoon, usually before 7 p.m. But, remember to increase your water intake throughout the day.

When it comes to the diet you need to practice while taking Keto OS, it’s important to remember that to fully maximize the effects and benefits of ketones, you need to slowly begin a low-carbohydrate diet in addition to exercise.

Pruvit verdict: Is it worth the price?

Pruvit is worth the price since it can help hasten ketosis, a stage that kickstarts your weight loss. Aside from helping you lose weight, it has a plethora of benefits not only to your body but your cognitive function as well. A ketogenic diet is popular for a reason, it helps the lives of many people who want to change for the better.

When keto is properly maintained, you’ll go into ketosis and you can’t achieve this by limiting your calorie intake, but through the starvation of carbohydrates. The body is very adaptive and can easily cope with what you eat. For instance, once you take away the carbohydrates and replace them with fats, the body will start to burn ketones as the main source of energy.

While this can be effective, if it’s combined with an exogenous ketone supplement, you’ll be surprised with the results. The Pruvit Keto OS has always been an effective way of achieving a fit and healthy body. But its benefits aren’t always visible to the naked eye. There are far more health benefits of this supplement than you expected.



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