Purefit Keto: The Real Deal Behind the Keto Diet

Losing weight has always been a big challenge for men and women. Yes, even men think of their image as well. In the olden days, only women were so concerned about their looks and weight. Yet on this current century, everybody wants to look fit and healthy.

Let’s face it; eating is a fun thing to do especially when you are surrounded with scrumptious food. Eating also serves as a social activity among people. Though the main reason why people eat is to nourish the body, people tend to abuse it by eating unhealthy food or eating just too much that the body cannot handle anymore.

Certain health conditions result to unhealthy eating such as obesity and this leads to cardiovascular diseases. This is something that people do not want to happen because it is life-threatening. Different diets trended in the recent years just to put an end to this problem. One of the most popular is the ketogenic or keto diet.

What is keto diet?

We often hear the word “ketosis” and that happens when the body burns all the fats stored when there are low glucose levels for producing energy. This is the state that people on the diet want to achieve. The keto diet is usually used among diabetic patients who need to control and lower their blood glucose levels.  Aside from the nutrients we get from different food groups we eat each day, there are supplements such as Purefit Keto that help increase ketosis in the process.

An aid to ketosis

In the market, there are different supplements that enhance your health to its peak. Medical experts have come up with these supplements, such as Purefit Keto to help control or lower down sugar with a highly restricted carbohydrate meal plan. But first, here are some of the natural sources that help a lot once you are on the keto diet:

  • Vitamin D

In the olden days, we get vitamin D naturally through sun exposure. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way. Since global warming made a way to damage the ozone layer, it is not safe to be overly exposed by the sun. So to be safe, eating food rich in this fat soluble vitamin such as tuna, mushroom, mackerel and even dairy products, is recommended.

Vitamin D does not only function to nourish the body, but also as a hormone involved in maintaining bone density and strength. Vitamin D cuts body fat, as well as developing muscle power and enhancing the entire immune system. If taken separately as a supplement, 4000 units daily is needed as per advised by a medical professional when you are on the keto diet.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is usually found in organs, bones and tissues of the entire body system. Its main function is to regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels, as well as synthesizing proteins. This mineral is found in nuts, seeds, cocoa and dark, green leafy vegetables. Avocado and yogurt are also great choices to have magnesium in your keto diet.

  • Spirulina

A bacterium superfood, this one existed decades ago and primarily consumed by animals. Today, people take it as a supplement to aid in different diets such as keto.  This special plant mainly produces food by using sunlight. Spirulina is mostly composed of protein and its amino acids are very nutritional. Its advantage is to lower down triglycerides, LDL (low density lipoprotein) and total cholesterol, as a result, it controls your blood pressure levels.

  • Fish Oil

One of the main components in the keto diet is fish oil, as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help lower down your triglyceride levels.  These fatty acids are essential because it brings about good effects in the keto diet. As such, fish oil capsules have been made to make things easier for different people who don’t have the luxury to eat fish regularly.

  • Sodium and Potassium

Sodium is naturally occurring and very important in the keto diet. Sodium helps with the acid-base balance in the body and also regulate the water levels. The other mineral, Potassium, helps regulate the cardiovascular (heart) electrical activities, as well as building proteins and utilize carbohydrates.  These minerals can easily be derived from eggs, lean meat and avocado.

All of these natural sources are okay to sustain the ketogenic diet at some point but not all people can have access to foods rich in these nutrients. That is why this diet is very challenging to achieve because it is very strict. One mistake and your weight could easily be gained again. Natural sources of vitamins and minerals are important because these help you get to the state of ketosis gradually and in a safe way.

Purefit Keto to the rescue

If you think that you don’t have the time or resource to eat all of these foods to help with your keto diet, a natural supplement called Purefit Keto is the best option you can get in the market. Medical experts mark it safe to use in its appropriate dosage.

It is regarded as one of the greatest supplements to speed up with ketosis by increasing natural ketone levels in the body.   This basically helps in burning fats in which people love as it cuts down excess kilograms in the body.

Achieving ketosis is no joke. It is hard if you do not adapt easily to the keto eating habit. Anyone decided to follow the diet must be disciplined to follow the meal plans as well as the physical activities that come along with it.

So if you opt to speed things up without harming the body, know that Purefit Keto is a great companion when on the diet.

Purefit Keto is a food supplement that has non-GMO exogenous ketones. This is the X-factor that cuts it above the rest. One pill has 800mg rich in BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) : sodium, potassium and calcium.  Other ingredients are magnesium stearate, rice flour, silicon dioxide and gelatin. The product comes in a jar with 30 capsules inside.

It is a favorite among people who undergo the keto diet plan because the ingredients are all natural making it safe for consumption. With regular use, it helps curb weight faster as compared to just sticking to the diet plan plus exercise. As mentioned, it gives the body a quick boost to the state of ketosis with lesser side effects.

Why is Purefit Keto a better alternative among the other supplements?

  • Stay in ketosis longer

Purefit Keto, unlike other supplements, do not only let you achieve ketosis that fast, it also makes you stay in that particular state longer. BHB helps in jumpstarting the liver into converting fats to energy. This then allows you to control your appetite and eating habits in tune with the keto diet on a long-term basis.

  • Lose weight

Another good thing about this natural supplement is that it assures its users of losing approximately one pound each day while taking it regularly. This though has to be done with proper eating habits plus a go signal from your health specialist.

  • Less side effects

While on this supplement, you may possibly avoid having the so-called “keto flu”. Taking Purefit Keto regularly helps reduce nausea and fatigue that most people experience while they are following the keto diet. This supplement also keeps the other unwanted side effects at bay. Sleeping, while on the keto diet, is also much easier when taking this pill.

  • Better athletic performance

As Purefit Keto seem to have a great effect on ordinary individuals, it also keeps athletes perform at their very best in workouts and competitions. The creation of more ketones help in the prevention of low glycogen levels.

  • Better neurological function

Aside from that, Purefit Keto helps put the brain into a positive mental state. This supplement has a great impact on reducing seizures and neurological damage in individuals. People also notice that their memory is enhanced while taking the supplement. In some studies, a correlation between better brain function and supplements (with exogenous ketones) is found.

The components of Purefit Keto

Purefit Keto has natural ingredients that are safe for the body. These are what makes the keto diet effective as these facilitate the body into the state of ketosis, as well as help burn those fat easily.

  • Beta- Hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

This compound makes ketosis possible in the body.  Without it, ketosis would have ceased to exist. In Purefit Keto, three components of BHB is in the mix, such as sodium, potassium and calcium.  All of the three are present in every 800mg of this pill. According to research, Beta- Hydroxybutyrate is the first ever ketone body released on the early stage of ketosis.

Sodium BHB is actually derived from mineral salts which are very stable in nature. This pushes your body to burn fat more. This is only activated when you are doing physical activity such as exercise. When your body detects of low glucose levels, sodium BHB boosts energy.

Calcium BHB is also an important component in this supplement. It is FDA-approved and safe for consumption.  When you follow the keto diet plus regular exercise, the body naturally produces ketones in which calcium BHB is very common. So adding this to the supplement will make it easy for the body to identify it and think as if it produced it accordingly.

Potassium BHB is responsible for regulating the body’s energy use and metabolism. This is an important ingredient because it targets keto flu. This then replaces energy which is glucose-derived.

  • Magnesium Stearate

This ingredient does not hinder the effectiveness of the supplement. Inert in nature, magnesium stearate binds all active ingredients together and contain it in small, regular amounts.

  • Rice Flour

Often used as a healthy alternative for wheat flour, this ingredient is rich in protein.  It is used as a filler for the pill but does not hinder the effectivity of Purefit Keto as a whole.

  • Silicon Dioxide

This ingredient in Purefit Keto acts as an anti-clotting agent. So it keeps the pill effective without having an effect on digestion or your metabolism once you take it.

  • Gelatin

The outer covering of the pill consists of gelatin. It is very safe and does not have any effect on the effects of Purefit Keto in the body.

These are the only ingredients in the product and can be seen on the label as well. One thing that makes people choose this product over others is that everything is transparent. There are no hidden secrets with regards to its components. Other products have artificial additives which may pose a threat to your health. Medical experts also attest to Purefit Keto as it only has natural ingredients that make the body adapt to it easily.

How does Purefit Keto really work?

When on any traditional diet, the natural way for the body is to burn all the carbohydrates and convert it to energy. This is the way the body does it and how people follow its course. When you are following a ketogenic diet, the body instead burns the fat into energy. This, of course, needs proper and regular exercise, while taking the natural supplement Purefit Keto.

Most users noticed that with this supplement, they can have some cheat days without taking a toll on the ketosis state. Without the supplement though, there is a higher risk of destroying the progress they have already achieved. But cheat days are really not encouraged because a lot get tempted to eat the “unwanted food” right after. Though when taking Purefit Keto, such desire to eat those kind of food is minimized. Do not also believe that loading up with too much meat will help boost ketosis.  Scientifically speaking, intake of too much protein may decrease the ketone levels in your body. Another important thing is alcohol. If ever you need one cheat day, just do away with alcohol as this will literally get you out of ketosis in no time.

There is no such thing as instant weight loss pills. Purefit Keto may help a lot or assist you well on the keto diet, but you also have to do your part and work out. Those who have a good and regular workout and eating a keto meal strictly will greatly benefit from Purefit Keto – in and out.

A sample keto meal plan for the week may be followed when taking this pill:


Breakfast: Fried egg with green vegetables (sautéed)

Lunch: Steamed chicken breast with a healthy green salad smothered with avocado and grated cheese

Dinner: Grilled pork chops with green beans


Breakfast: Pudding (coconut milk is a favorite) with some almonds or walnuts on top

Lunch: Healthy salad with hard boiled eggs, avocado and parmesan cheese sprinkled all over

Dinner: Steamed chicken and green salad



Breakfast: Full cream yogurt with a fruit of your choice

Lunch: Burger patty (organic if available) plus some parmesan cheese, mushrooms and avocado on the side with some green salad

Dinner: Pork chops with salad


Breakfast: Healthy, veggie omelet with cheese

Lunch: Steak with cauliflower rice and a green salad with grated parmesan cheese

Dinner: Steamed chicken breast


Breakfast: Full cream yogurt with cereals and granolas

Lunch: Tuna salad with cherry tomatoes and celery

Dinner: Grilled fish with salad


Breakfast: Baked avocado and two hard boiled eggs with grated parmesan cheese

Lunch: Chicken breast with a healthy green salad and salsa

Dinner: Steamed halibut with coconut milk


Breakfast: Red bell peppers stuffed with scrambled eggs and creamy cheese

Lunch: Roast chicken with cherry tomatoes and zucchini

Dinner: Tuna steak plus broccoli and parmesan cheese on the side

Keto diet tips

To enhance the benefits you get with the diet and Purefit Keto supplement, here are some tips to make it all go well with you:

  1. Choose your carbs wisely

Remember, never settle for foods with empty carbohydrates. This means, do not eat junk with some added sugars such as candy, cookies or even soda drinks in fast food chains. These types of food will only break your much desired keto diet. Instead, assess your carbs properly. The organic and plant-source carbohydrates are way better than this. Choose vegetables and fruits as these are packed with better nutrients than processed carbs.

  1. Watch out of misleading food with carbohydrates

People who are new to the keto diet may be a victim of hidden carbs. This is because following meal plans without thinking is not enough. Nuts and dairy products are great sources of nutrients to fuel your body on a keto diet.  An example would be eating yogurt, let’s say you choose the flavored yogurt (this has twice the amount of carbohydrates compared to plain yogurt) and add some nuts to it, this could destroy your keto diet plan.

That’s why beginners to the keto diet must always check the serving sizes or better yet, read the nutrition labels well before eating. Remember, the keto diet is strict. So follow it to the last detail so that you won’t go over bound. For beginners, it is best to use apps on your phone to track the keto diet. This will monitor your daily carbohydrate intake.

  1. Go green or go home

Nothing could ever go wrong with green, leafy vegetables. Thank your mom for always reminding you that when you were still a kid.  Leafy greens do not only have vitamins and minerals, they have everything a keto dieter needs. Mizuna, collards, spinach, kale and even bok choy, load your day with these precious veggies and you won’t regret a thing.

Salads may become boring at some point, but if you know how to create slushes and other food variety with green leafy veggies, you would not want to eat junk again. So do away with fast food junk and focus on eating clean.

  1. Fat is good

A lot of people are afraid to eat food with fat because of the cholesterol build up that may occur. They say eat bacon once in a while but quality fats are always the best option when you are in the keto diet.  In a week, eat at least two generous servings of sardines, mackerel or salmon. Fat from fish is essential and better for your health.

Aside from fish, use oil for cooking which is healthy and organic. These include avocado oil, canola oil and olive oil. These may be a bit expensive, but at least your health will not be compromised.

What to expect when on this supplement

Just like any other supplement or pill, there are side effects that people experience but on a temporary basis only. Those individuals following the keto diet will experience brain fog, fatigue, headache, nausea, muscle cramps and dizziness. This is actually normal because the body is looking for another source of energy on the early phase of ketosis. The fruity breath (due to acetone) may occur during the early phase of ketosis but will not last long. Purefit Keto also helps in reducing such side effects in a gradual manner.

Keto induction, as what experts coin this, is the period in which the body moves from using carbohydrates to fats. Normally, the body will always use carbohydrates to burn for energy production. Since there is a major shift to using fats, the body may take time to adjust.  Each individual is unique so the time it will take for the adjustment may differ on a case to case basis.

The side effects that come along usually last for many days to a couple of weeks. Instead of giving in to the symptoms, individuals can also do something to feel comfortable by resting or relaxing a bit and drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day.

But when on Purefit Keto, these symptoms will be reduced. The ketone levels in the blood will be raised and this in turn will boost your energy levels.  The brain and muscles of the body will not be starved during the keto induction period and brain fog symptoms will most likely decrease.

On an important note, the dosage of Purefit Keto should never be doubled or exceeded as the effects may be much worse. Examples of overdosage would be feeling nauseous or having a really upset stomach.  Others also experience the usual side effects being amplified when taking the pill more than the recommended dosage.

Aside from that, frequent urination is a common thing. So make sure to excrete those to be able to maintain a health urinary system. Some experience flatulence more often and of course, this is not a huge problem. Eventually, this will go away in the long run.

If you are also able to experience gastric distress, try to take this supplement in small doses in conjunction with the ketogenic diet. This will help your body adjust to the new supplement and not “shock” the entire system with it.

As with any type of supplement or medication, only take the prescribed amount to avoid health hazards. It does not mean that if you take more pills of Purefit Keto, you will lose weight faster as compared to the prescribed dosage. Follow the instructions given by your health professional because they know more about the effects of the keto diet and supplements more than your Google research.

Purefit Keto : Pros and Cons


  • Makes it easier to reach the state of ketosis.
  • It has a natural formula.
  • It instantly converts stored fat into energy for the body.
  • Helps with controlling appetite and make you feel fuller for a longer time.
  • Mental performance is enhanced.
  • Puts the body into a peak fat burning state.


  • Is not stand alone and needs regular use with proper diet and exercise.
  • Can only be ordered online.

The Verdict

Purefit Keto is indeed a reliable and natural supplement that does not stray away from its objectives. And that is to help you lose weight safely with less side effects. The ingredients are safe and effective if you also do your part in this diet- to stick to it with 75% fat, 20% protein and minimal (5%) carbohydrates.   Aside from that, for any diet to be effective, move that body and do some exercise. Stay away from the prohibited food list especially junk as these may only do more harm to your body when taking the supplement.

Negative feedback basically came from those users who never made an effort to change their lifestyle and eating habits. One main reason is that they must probably think  that Purefit Keto is a magic pill where you lose weight instantly. Purefit Keto, just like any other keto pill, is a tool which aids with the keto diet. It can only boost your diet plan and help with weight loss.

With regards to the price, a 30 day supply can cost around $45 (in Amazon) which has 60 pills already. The price does not go beyond the range of other keto pills in the market.  Bigger discounts are given if you purchase in bigger packages.

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